Pocket Startup Advisor

The magic 8-ball for startup advice. promocode: dicedicebaby

Ever wish you had Mark Cuban in your pocket? ... that could get weird. Maybe just on speed dial? The Pocket Startup Advisor is packed full of advice for startups and entreprenuers.

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This is what happens when DnD players decide to launch a startup haha. Cool idea though =)
@alina_karnaukh Haha, we've definitely got some DnD players on our team. We'll see if this makes it into a quest... ;)
@morganjlopes Roll a D20 for critical success =D
Hey Hunters, Thanks for checking out the Pocket Startup Advisor. In the hustle and grind of startup life, it's important to optimize each interact. Why should the advice we seek be any different? Think of it like a fulfillment robot, but instead of replacing a hardworking American working in a hot warehouse, it replaces that guy a few cubicles over who throws out an endless assortment of random startup cliches. Like most billion dollar ideas, this project began as a way to make startup advise more accessible to those who need it. After a long night of drinking, it devolved into the random jargon generator you see before you today. Do you really want someone else's advice when you ask for it? If you’re like most startup CEOs the answer is probably no. With The Startup Pocket Advisor you don’t have to waste your time thinking about what you’re going to say as soon as the person across from you stops talking. As an added bonus, you still have a 1/20 chance of getting the advice they were going to give you! If you're startup is humming along, its probably just a toy. If you're on the brink of destruction, maybe this can be a lifeline*. Feel free to ask us any questions and we’ll be glad to answer them. *Don't count on this as a lifeline.
About as useful as VC advice
@jgage718 Sorry. Stupid product. Not worth the effort. But given the world / age we live in - will probably sell. People will buy all kinds of shit.
@ddeubel Not a stupid product! That's not nice
@jgage718 @ddeubel Dang... i appreciate the honesty...i think?!
@jgage718 @ddeubel @morganjlopes wait so this isn't just a gag product? I don't see how this can provide any real value to decision-making whatsoever.
@jgage718 @ddeubel @ryan_dimascio1 it is definitely intended to be playful. Anyone expecting to hedge the success of their business on a literal roll of the dice will be disappointed...well, there might be a 5-10% chance it works ;)
What what?!? On the home page of @producthunt now. Let's celebrate. Use promo code 'dicedicebaby' to save money when you buy for you and a friend. Buy 2, save $10.
Looks like it should be on Etsy or something. Would make for a nice desk decoration though.