Pocket Square

The best looking place for developers to showcase their work

Nice way to show off your skills and what you've done on a simple one pager.
I like the clean look you have gone for and how you can get a nice snapshot of skills from the single page. I'm part of the team working on a similar product (link in profile) really good to see some other ideas in the same area though. Would be great to hear your thoughts on why you decided to make the product.
I really love how easy they've made it to get your info in and on a nice page. Would be cool to see some LinkedIn connection for things like education and experience.
@kevinz Thanks Kevin! I'll look into integrating LinkedIn's API for making adding experience and education easier.
Hey guys. Having a bit of trouble linking up my main Twitter account - sorry! Thanks for the great response and feedback! I created Pocketsquare to give developers a simple and easy way to showcase their work in a visually appealing way. A front-end developer myself, I had created and maintained my own portfolio site for years because I didn't feel like my public Github page or LinkedIn profile were good representations of the kind of stuff I like to work on. Pocketsquare is designed to showcase your skills (language, frameworks, etc), projects you've worked on (may or may correspond to a git repo) and any code snippets you want to show off. You can optionally also show your experience and education background. The overall idea is to make it easy for devs to be more expressive when showing their work, instead of just listing out code repos. I think this makes your work more approachable, especially for non-technical visitors who want to understand, at a glance, what your skills are and what you like to work on. Thanks again for the feedback and let me know if you have any questions!
Hey Alan, really good idea. Congratulations on the launch. Just curious, will there will be an option for users to add languages that are not in that predefined set ? (Say C++, Vue.js etc.)
@shivkanthb Thanks! I'll definitely consider that, and I'm planning to add a lot more languages soon. For now I also plan to add a form for users to suggest new languages/skills so I can be sure everyone is getting what they need.