Pocket SaaS

Quarterly earnings+SaaS metrics of public cloud companies

Here's a #NoCode app I made with @glideapps for y'all: Pocket SaaS. Quarterly earnings+SaaS metrics of all 50 public cloud companies. All in your pocket πŸŒ₯οΈπŸ’°πŸ“±. Will be updating it each quarter.[open in Safari >"Add to Home Screen" > treat it like an app]
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I discovered Glide (glideapps.com) a few months ago and thought this would be a useful tool to build for our community on their platform. I always struggled with accessing financials on mobile (requires 20 clicks per company). Pocket SaaS has info on all 50 public cloud companies in one place + calculations for SaaS specific metrics such as ARR, payback, magic number, etc., And will be updated with the most recent data every quarter. Enjoy!
Love this Yasmin! Super helpful. Could you see yourself building this for other categories? Or what's the future of Pocket Saas? Tell me how you're thinking about it.
Super helpful, I used to work in VC and took forever to find a quick data point. Also great for easy to find stats for pitch decks...