Pocket Programming

Learn to code with your smartphone

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Hi, Product Hunters. I'm a developer of the app. Pocket Programming is an Android application for learning to code anywhere via your Android smartphone, for budding learners of Ruby & Ruby on Rails. There're some similar apps which you can learn programming on mobile phone, but this app is different from them because it's not necessary to code, watch video clips. You can learn programming with answering quizzes. This learning style is effective after tutorials. We also will release Android/Java edition in next month. Thanks.
Available in both Japanese and English @pocket_pro is a great concept for beginners.
@stvmcg Thank you for picking it up! :)
I just wanted to say I love the app so far! It actually showed that I know more than I thought about Ruby on Rails. However I would like to add there are some typos and questions that weren't too clear but it didn't take away all too much for the experience of the app. Are you planning on adding something that will help with connectivity issues? Say for example I was in the midst of completing my questions on the metro and then I lost service and had to start all over.