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World's friendliest to-do list app

Pocket Lists is a beautifully designed to-do list / checklist app for iOS and web. Inspired by the real life experience of making lists of things and keeping them in our pockets.

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Nice work on the design, @vofka. But why build another to-do app? We see a new one launch every week at PH. πŸ€”
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Thank you @rrhoover! Design is the key thing that fills (an sometimes blows) our minds when working on Pocket Lists 🀯 That's a good question about the need for another to-do app! And I believe that the reason for such a big number of new to-do apps is in the combination of two factors. On the one hand, the problem that all to-do apps address is so general and common (everyone needs a task manager!), while tastes and demands vary significantly based on personal preferences. On the other hand, an entry level for developers for building a new to-do app is relatively low, so many of us start building a new to-do app just as a simple hobby project. And submit it to PH at the end πŸ€— It makes the entire to-do app industry really packed like sardines, but such a difficult competition should (will?) help the world to eventually find the perfection. As for Pocket Lists, we started the project in 2011 when there were not so many great to-do apps out there (as a hobby project, as you might guess 😊). But restarted the project from scratch in 2016 and still continue our work because we see that so many people find our app useful to improve their lives and efficiency. User feedback is one of the greatest motivators for keeping it up πŸ™Œ
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The design is cool. When will an android app be available?
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@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks for asking about Android! I would really like to shed some light on this, but unfortunately have no estimations on when exactly Android support could be expected for Pocket Lists because our team is very very small now, and all our time and efforts go to iOS and web apps. We are constantly considering options for Android support, but the real product release will depend on how well we perform with the iOS app development and growth. While there is no native Android app, you can always use Pocket Lists web app (available at https://pocketlists.com) on any device, including Androids. But the experience would not be as good as native iOS app's πŸ€·β€β™‚ We'll do our best to deliver something awesome as soon as we can!
This app is very nice, i like the experience so far!
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@ka_sy Thank you 😊
Congrats with the Launch! Probably I see that your icon of the app really looks like app of my favorite to-do app Things 3.0. Can you describe what the main the differences between Things 3.0 and your app?
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@dimablover Pocket Lists implements a different approach to task management. The main focus in Pocket Lists design is on *lists* and the ability to create them freely. For instance, there are no predefined lists such as Today, Scheduled, and other kinds of lists suggested by GTD. All task management capabilities and features in Pocket Lists (what to focus on today, high priority to-dos, what to do nearby, etc.) are based on what the user stores in his *custom* lists. We really value and respect the GTD and other similar methodologies, but we believe that for most people real task management experience starts with simple custom to-do lists, and this is where Pocket Lists shines. And we keen to evolve this concept into a powerful task management tool while keeping the start list-making experience simple and enjoyable ☺️
@vofka this looks nice. What made you build *another to-do app*? Genuinely curious 😸
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@amrith Thanks for asking! The initial idea to create the friendliest to-do list app emerged long ago β€” in 2011 β€” when the choice of any good to-do list app was very very limited. Eventually, I could not find the perfect app for myself and thus decided to create a new one 🌟 That is how the first generation of the Pocket Lists app for iPhone emerged in 2011 and existed until 2017. Two years ago, I restarted the project from scratch because the first generation got stuck in 32-bit world, but received so much positive feedback and had nearly 10K users who used the app on a daily basis. So what you see now is Pocket Lists 2 actually ✌️ The idea behind the app remained the same β€” provide user the friendliest experience of making lists and getting things done. User feedback is such a great motivator for our team to keep up the development and working on Pocket Lists!
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