Pocket Listen

Reading is hard. Listen to articles instead.


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Me and Pocket: http://www.childrenswishingwell.... Well done, @nateweiner and team. I haven't tried this out yet but robot readers have always been obnoxious to me (not for @nireyal) which is why I loved Umano, an app of articles read by professional narrators (recently acquired by Dropbox and shut down). Are you using the on-device text-to-speech or som… See more
Nicholas Sheriff
@nicholassheriff · Founder, Quest
@rrhoover This really aggravates me to the point of disbelief. I don't understand This is just a demo of the algorithm we were developing to integrate into Quest using a Concatenative Speech Synthesis approach which is exactly the innovation Ryan is talking about. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hnkx1k... I say this with all the love and admiration I posess tha… See more
Dylan Jhaveri
@dylanjha · Co-founder and Engineer at Crowdcast
I love pocket and I use it constantly to read. I was very excited for this feature, but after trying it, I am very disappointed. I can't see myself actually using this. The voice (Apple's native Siri voice) is not even close to bearable and mispronounces frequently, and the has no tempo to the reading. I really hope the Pocket team can innovate and actuall… See more
James Koole
@jameskoole · Product Manager, Hover.com
As a dad with a 12-year-old who is essentially unable to read due to a genetic condition that causes significant learning issues, this seems like a nice addition. However, the functionality already exists in iOS in the form of Speak Screen which is easily invoked by pulling down with two fingers (when configured in Accessibility). My daughter uses that to "… See more
Paul Tomkinson
@paultomkinson · Founder, Textras
These comments are a bit of a shark tank so I'm hesitant to weigh in without reading it all, but I use Pocket with Ivona on a daily basis and absolutely love it! Mostly for reading & saving, sure, but when I'm in the zone, travelling or otherwise occupied on any non-work tast...I'm either listening to articles on pocket, or a podcast. They're an essentia… See more