Pocket Casts 7

The world's most powerful podcast platform, now updated

Pocket Casts 7 is finally here and it comes packed with a ton of new updates, including the ability to browse through series, greater Apple Watch support, you can now play without subscribing, because subscribing is so 2015 and of course cross platform syncing.

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Rami M. Amin
Not a Growth Hacker

Did I mention they write the craziest update logs! This is best podcast player I've ever used! I have been using it for many years now & can't recommend it enough. I was on V7 beta for a good while now & can say that's a huge update!


Great Interface, Simply Perfect! Easy to find podcasts, universal as it works on all operating systems I know :)


None during the last 4 years :)

Out of curiosity what are the pros of this compared to Overcast? I'm not opposed to plunking down for more value, I just don't know what that missing value is.
Souleymane SidibeAndroid developer, Kotlin enthusiast.
I use Pocket Cast for several years now(58 days listened) and it's the best podcast app! I've receive the last update yesterday and it damn beautiful! I was asking for a real sync between the app and the web/mac app. It's now real. Yay! My current listening playlist is automatically synched. Thanks to the team!
Jonas Haefeledesigner, decoded.co

It even synced flawlessly when I switched from Android to iOS. (Try that WhatsApp...)


Best podcast experience out there. Everything works, the app gets out of your way and let's you listen. Also it's gorgeous.


Nothing really, been using Pocket Casts for years now and it just keeps getting better.

Andreas Duess
CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
My favourite podcast app, even better. I've been using the app for years now and it keeps getting better and better.
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