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Hi guys, Dan and his team at Duke's Center for Advanced Hindsight are bringing you his newest app: Pocket Ariely. The app's goal is to help people make better decisions in life. In order to do that, we have created a curated library of Dan's most relevant work in Behavioral Economics and categorized the content into "areas of life" for easier consumption. Even though the app is not free, all profits will go back to the Center for Advanced Hindsight to fuel research that is helping advance the field of BE and decision making. We know that the app is not perfect, but we are working on providing users with a decent UX/UI, even though we only have a small team working on the app (this is a bootstrapped effort after all). Please feel free to share your comments and we will diligently work on taking care of what's important to ensure users love the app! Team Ariely
@enael Downloaded the app. It's asking me to commit to paying before I've even tried using it / know what it really does. Unless I've misunderstood something, I think you should at least give people a bit more of a taste before asking this.
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@charlieslife Hi Charlie. The app give a 1-month free trial, so you're not charged anything until the month has expired. This way, you have a chance to use it and decide whether you want to donate to Dan's Center for Advanced Hindsight.
@enael Thanks Enael - but as I'm unlikely to remember to cancel this if I don't want to pay in a month, it makes me hesitant about going through with it. If there was some kind of onboarding sequence or explanation video before I'd be much more likely. I might not represent every user here tbf, but it was just a bit jolting seeing this screen before I even really know what the app does.
@enael awesome! Thank you.
@charlieslife I definitely agree that an onboarding that furthers the explanation would be very useful. We will take that into account for future builds and updates.
"It is common practice to subscribe to an app and have a free trial, once it expires then you're charged the fee." I'm sorry but this just isn't true. I try new apps and sites all the time, pretty much every day. I can't remember the last time I was asked to submit CC details upfront. It's the oldest trick in the book: "get the card details and hope they forget to cancel". It's an immediate blocker to almost everyone these days. The feedback here is solid. You got it wrong.
I am assuming the entire app is laced with nudges and A/B tests?
@maury_rubin Hi Maury, we're working on that, but at the moment we focused on core features. Having a very small team, we have to be very critical of the tasks we can tackle and prioritize them accordingly. However, it is definitely in the plans!
Based on the responses I've seen elsewhere, it seems this app may be to test the likelihood people will pay for a monthly subscription to an app without ever using and experiencing the benefit it offers. If that's the case, I think we can fairly say that people aren't overly interested in such payment in advance of experience. Big fan of Dan's work but I don't see many paying the monthly/yearly fee when this type of content from him is available freely from numerous other sources like articles, blog posts, YouTube videos, books, and more.
@benbrausen Hi Ben, we appreciate your feedback. In all honesty, we're not testing the likelihood of people paying upfront - since you can access the app for 1 month totally free and test it out. It is common practice to subscribe to an app and have a free trial, once it expires then you're charged the fee. About paying for the app, this is a two-prong answer: first, the money raised goes directly into research taking place at Dan's Center for Advanced Hindsight... which makes the subscription more of a donation to science. Second, even though Dan's content is all available online, we believe to provide value to our users by arranging it into "areas of life" (BE, Health, Romance, etc.) and formats (Podcasts, Video, etc.). For people that are interested in a specific field (e.g. Finance), the app provides you with targeted information and saves you plenty of time you'd otherwise spent browsing the internet. So, if you want to help research in BE and are appreciative of your time, I believe this is the right app for you! :)
@enael you're not listening, just defending
Is aggregating Dan's content a good idea for Dan? Yes. Is it good for his dedicated fans? Yes. For those of us who have yet to become a fan of Dan, the proposition is weak. I'm not about to subscribe to a 25/year access to Dan when the app doesn't have some proportion of free content to get me hooked. Good job curating Dan's work for ease of consumption. Terrible job putting it all behind a paywall so I can't easily consume anything at all.
@vmarks Hi Victor, thanks for your feedback. I agree that Dan's current fan base is probably not deterred by a pay wall, and that yet-to-become-fans such as yourself might be a deal breaker. However, when we were deciding between revenue models, we ruled out the freemium model for reasons that make sense to Dan and the Center. Hopefully you can take advantage of the 1-month free trial and then decide whether the app provides you with enough value to subscribe. After all, all the money is going back to Dan's Center and is helping fuel research in the field of Behavioral Economics.
@enael Why should I care about helping to fuel research in Behavioral Economics? Nothing about the app helps me care about this. It's something Dan's center is invested in, but the app and its iTunes store listing do nothing to help me become invested in. So, no. No thanks. You're thinking of yourselves, not your end users. Also, there's no mention of a free 1 month trial anywhere, here or at the app listing on iTunes. If it's a common misconception among users that we all think you can't sample the app, and you can... then you've failed somewhere. It's not the users fault we have this misconception, its yours.
@vmarks Hi Victor, I'm not saying that you should care about BE or Dan's research (although, I'm sure you'd find BE very interesting if you give it a try). I also see your point that if many people don't see right away that they can have access to a free trial, then it's something we need to fix on our end. Thanks again for the feedback and we will work on creating something that appeals to more people outside of the current customer base.
@vmarks @enael Dan should realize how quickly a month can pass when you get busy. I agree that it is a generous time period compared to some, but for ProductHunters like me, we have a lot of apps and websites to get through.