Reclaims value for content creators, publishers & consumers

Po.et is the platform for a new decentralized media economy. It is a shared, immutable, decentralized ledger for registering, licensing & attributing metadata. On it are marketplaces & DAPPs that use token-based reputation systems & the power of the network effect to reclaim value for content creators, publishers and advertisers alike.

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Hodler ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Hello everyone, It's great to see everyone is excited about the Po.et foundation. We have a lot of work to do and the greatest community to build the Po.et platform into its next phase. For those interested, we break it down in our blog post on Medium and a few Q&As on AdAge, Business Insider and Poynter. Please reach out with any questions, look forward to getting everyone involved!





Can't think of any

This was already hunted a few days back? Me and some friends literally were just talking about this application of the block chain

I am holding a lot of POE, and really believe that this is the future. Po.et will be a household-name within 10 years, mark my word :)


A BIG gamechanger in the media-industry. This is the future, and i'm very exited to follow them on the path to sucsess.


not much as far as i can see