Are you a Product Manager or a novice Product Owner? This is a repository of good study sources about Digital Products. Here you will find links of blogs, books, courses and more. The idea of ​​this project is try to help you bringing some content, tools and resources to you don't waste your time.

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I wrote (in pt-br) an article called “A lot of content to you that start now like Product Manager” (, where I put together a bunch of useful links and other contents to Product Managers and people that work with digital products. The post was very helpful to some people and because of that, I create a little side project where I put together many references, links, contents, resources, books, blogs and more about product management. The project is called PM Toolkit.
@diegoeis Hey @diegoeis this is awesome! What pages do you expect will be the most useful to visitors to the page?
@stervyc I think Content and Courses. :-)