PM Take Homes

Product challenges to help you hire your next PM

PM Take Homes is a library of product challenges you can use when hiring your next product manager. Choose from different products like B2B vs consumer and scenarios like planning a product launch or envisioning a big new feature. Brought to you by Headlight, the best way to manage your take-home assignments.

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Hey Hunters! As a product manager, I've felt that the role is one of the most difficult to hire for because the role is so multi-disciplinary and involves having a hand in engineering, design, marketing, operations while also seeing the bigger vision for a product. Research has show that work samples, like take-home assignments, are one of the best predictors of success on the job, outperforming years of experience and regular interviews. Building a good take-home requires time and effort and that's why many hiring managers don't do them. At Headlight, we want to put work samples at the center of the hiring process and are offering these assignments for free to the community. We have nicely formatted PDF versions of all the assignments and of course, you'll find all these assignments and more inside of the Headlight platform. Let us know what you think! Jason
@jasonshen Nice work on launching more here Jason!
Excited to see more folks leverage Jason’s insights as a PM leader !
Great resource! Makes hiring for small teams that might not need Headlight much easier.
Very interesting and relevant for us. How did you guys come up with this idea? Is it intended to have a business model behind it or just free / helpful for the world?
@theuri Hey Uri — great question! We created PM Take Homes because we believe the world would be better if we moved to a hire-for-performance model. We also make a SaaS product that helps companies hire using this approach called Headlight, which we launched out of alpha one month ago:
This is intriguing to me as an engineer interested in transitioning to product. For folks who hire PMs, would an applicant with a portfolio of these take home assignments completed help that applicant?