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We've been using Plyfe at Abu Dhabi Media (holding co across dozen + broadcast and publishing brands) to power micro experiences to activate our events and broadcast TV shows. The builders are easy to use (our marketing staff does it), the audience totally gets it, and we are getting great engagement across our published "cards". Important note: we are a difficult client. Our requirements around language (Arabic) needed accommodation on the development front and Jeff's team was sensitive to our Sunday - Thursday GMT +4 operating hours. Can't recommend these guys enough.
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@sheynk Nice that you're using Plyfe, we must move in similar circles or something. Good job @mateenaini !!
Hi Everyone - I’m one of the founders at Plyfe and I wanted to share our story. We built Plyfe because we all live in a digital world but you have to be an engineer to build interactive experiences. We believe interactivity creates a dialogue between audiences and content. The Plyfe Platform is built on two key strategies: + Anyone should be able to build Plyfe cards + Plyfe cards work everywhere. We'll be releasing new cards types and a number of other updates in the coming weeks. Thanks for checking out our product and hearing our story. Let me know if you have any questions. Jeff
I remember talking to Jeff about the this release a while ago and now seeing it live is better than I had even imagined! Beautiful design. Way to go guys.
@cameomike Thanks Michael, great to see the vision come to life.
Really interesting product, super simple to use. Great team too!
@officiallyrad Thanks Andy, appreciate the kind words. Congrats on Cameo 2.0.
Sounds like a great idea - always looking for simple tools to add to our agency's arsenal. Question: Where can we place the Plyfe cards?
@sarajnwalker Thanks! We're always looking for agencies to work with. Customers use Plyfe cards across all of their digital streams; Owned web and mobile assets, social pages, email, and distribute as rich media with the ad server of their choice. We are starting to do a ton of native advertising, customers integrating Plyfe cards into their sponsored content.