Harassment training for startups, entirely via text message

Harassment training can be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. Pluto is a 30-day text message course that helps your team get compliant in less than 5 minutes a day. Developed by experts and thought leaders, Pluto is easy to deploy and costs just $29 per employee.
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Text message campaigns are the future of marketing and content, with open rates >80%+ vs 10-20% from any normal email campaign. I've known @ioffe and @ryan_laverty for years now, very proud of their progress in leveraging their Arist text-first education platform to conduct sexual harassment training. ๐Ÿ‘
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I don't know what is worst, mandatory harrassment training or the idea that you can teach a harrasser how to behave through text messages.
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@luqa Pluto is not designed to be a solution to harassment, simply one of the tools to prevent harassment in a workplace. Text messages have also been proven to be effective tools for behavior change. I recommend trying it out first.
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@ioffe I suppose that text messages can be effective tools for behavior change if the person wants to change his behavior. And if a harrasser wants to change his behaviour, he can just do it, unless he has mental health issues. In both cases, I don't see how a mandatory harrassment training can help. Your tool seems more like a cheap way to be compliant to a (stupid in my opinion) law than to prevent the harrassment. It is not a critic for you and your product, I believe that it is as ineffective as the other solutions. At least, yours is cheap, so, if my company was in California, I would use it.
The website doesn't load, so it's hard for me to assess.
@noboa Hi Raf, sorry to hear that. What country are you based in?
@ioffe Hi! I'm in the U.S.
@noboa So sorry to hear that it's not loading! We've updated a few things to make it load faster -- let me know if it still doesn't work: Apologies again for the trouble!