One app to manage your entire small business 🎉

#2 Product of the WeekJuly 31, 2018

From projects and tasks to time-tracking and invoicing - everything you will ever need in one intuitive platform 😍

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    Use it everyday, it's the core of our busines


    Needs more templates

    I've grabbed this Lifetime deal from AppSumo for $150 and it's been the most useful app we've come across. We mainly use it for invoices and project proposals, but we can keep track of the entire business in one easy to use dashboard. Love it!

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  • eightcornersDigital Designer, Eight Corners Creative

    Such a beautifully executed platform + the hyper-responsive Plutio Team for listening and creating a platform that feels personalised to us.


    There are some missing features like recurring invoices, API, and a Dropbox Paper alternative but they're all on the roadmap! :)

    Each quarter it keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to move more of my cilent interactions into Plutio. I've already moved my invoicing, client portal and projects into Plutio. Having too many platforms for clients to log into is not ideal for creating a great experience, which is what I want to do for my clients.

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Ayman Albarbary@aymanalbarbary · Digital Marketing Consultant
Leo is the GEM behind this tool. You are in safe hands. Seriously... This little dude is so dedicated to make this tool the best in its category. I've been using this tool for a while now and it is one of our best investments.
Leo BassamMaker@leobassam · Founder, CEO at
@2mktg This is exactly what keeps me going!! Amazing people like you Ayman!! Thank you ever so much for your support and for being part of Plutio 😍🤗
Leo BassamMaker@leobassam · Founder, CEO at
👋Heeey awesome Product Hunters! My name is Leo, the founder of Plutio. I've started freelancing aged 15, with Dubai Intentional Airport as my very first paying client ✈️ However fun and satisfying freelancing can be, I had to use apps designed for teams and team collaboration... constantly jump between apps, duplicate data between them, pay multiple subscriptions and then use even more apps to “connect” them all together 😑 - I was sunk in a productivity maze, which pulled me back from growing the business 😞 Soon after, I’ve come to realise that freelancers all over the world faced similar issues, and so I decided to build Plutio. With a mission to support the under-served community of freelancers and small businesses worldwide 🙌 Plutio brings everything you will ever need to manage your business in one intuitive and deeply customisable platform. ✅ Manage your projects and tasks. ✅ Track your time. ✅ Send invoices and get paid swiftly. ✅ Create stunning proposals and legally binding contracts. ✅ Communicate with anyone in your business. ✅ Everything is tightly integrated and you can turn off any elements that you won’t need, keeping your workspace tidy and personalised. Our vision is way beyond just offering all the tools you need in one place - this is just phase one. Our vision is to become your right hand, by introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning to help fill the skill-gab we all face as freelancers, allowing you to truly dedicate time to what you do best. Because, as a freelancer, we may know how to design, write or photograph - but not necessarily how to find clients, sell our services or chase for overdue invoices etc… thats where Plutio will step in 👌 Signup now for a free trial to see how Plutio can truly simplify running your business… and stay tuned for what’s coming next, because what we’re working on is going to revolutionise the way you run your business 😉 Thanks for your support and see you on the other side! 👏 -------- 😱 Fun Facts: 👍Plutio made over $250,000 in one week during our soft launch late 2017. 👍Plutio has a rapidly growing community of over 2000 Plutiopions ( 👍Plutio is fully bootstrapped and made with love by a team of two passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs. -------- ❤️ Use the code ProductHunter20OFF within the next 24 hours for a life-time discount of 20% ❤️
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@leobassam Just love what you have built. A random thought if you are planning to do B2B sales : Reach out to companies who have recently raised seed or angel. They might be interested to use a product like yours.
Leo BassamMaker@leobassam · Founder, CEO at
@shreyaa_ratra i will definitely keep that in mind, thank you Sheryaa!
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
I've been using Plutio ever since the AppSumo deal and can say that it's best tool for project management I've seen. I love how Leo is very responsive in emails and direct chat. I'm not exactly sure what can AI bring to this software though. Can you explain a bit on the features for AI? I'm guessing prediction how long a project will take?
Leo BassamMaker@leobassam · Founder, CEO at
@erickbarron86 Thank you so much Erick! Our vision behind introducing AI into Plutio will include things like predictions, yes ;)
Adam Connell@adamjayc
Switched over to Plutio a while back after having some issues with my previous task management software. This suited my needs perfectly which was simply a reliable task management tool that makes it easy to visualize my tasks and assign other tasks to my team. This does a lot more than task management - plenty of other features. Some of which I don't use (e.g. invoicing), but it's great to know that other features are there should I need them. Just means I don't have to switch platforms later :) Support from Leo and his team has been incredible. Resolved a support request yesterday for me super quick. I even sent over a feedback suggestion for a small change - it was added to the platform 30 minutes later. The platform continues to be improved which is amazing. Thanks to Leo and the team!
Leo BassamMaker@leobassam · Founder, CEO at
@adamjayc i mean.. who else develops features in under 30 minutes? but us!!! hahaha WE ARE JUST TOO GOOD! haha - thanks for being here and for your support Adam! So good to have you in our community 🤗🎉
Adam Connell@adamjayc
@leobassam Indeed haha! Sure thing - can't wait to see what the future has in store for Plutio!
Ashley Ball@mrashleyball · Dabbling in Web Design
Big Plutio fan, it has come a long way since it first days and pretty pumped for where it's going!!
Leo BassamMaker@leobassam · Founder, CEO at
@mrashleyball It is so good to have you Ashely! Thanks for being part of of our journey! 😍🤗