Keep score of good slack


Brian Donohue
@bthdonohue · CEO, Instapaper
Brian from @betaworks here to share our latest and greatest project PlusPlus++! PlusPlus is a slack bot that lets you award or take points from users. The bot works by scanning for text matching “@username++” and “@username--” which would, respectively, award or take points from @username. PlusPlus is new but its predecessor has a long history at betaworks … See more
Todd Saunders
@toddsaunders · CEO @ adHawk
Been using this for a couple days now and love it. Great way for us to keep track of "props" for each person. Great job all!
Or Arbel
@orarbel · Co-founder Anima App | Prev. Yo
Awesome stuff. @matthartman tweet (https://twitter.com/MattHartman/...) made me think that you can grow plusplus to not only Slack, but make it work globally. Use twitter streams and scan the web for @mention++ and keep a global score of interwebz props. maybe for v2 ;)
James Mundy
@_jamesmundy · Founder, Foundbite
This is fun! Nice work @lachhall :) Got some strange maths going on though, if you add one to a user they have 1, minus 1 from that they have -1 and then add 1 to that they have 0.
Joshua Dance
@joshdance · Engineer, Product Manager, athlete
Looks way fun.