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Brian from @betaworks here to share our latest and greatest project PlusPlus++! PlusPlus is a slack bot that lets you award or take points from users. The bot works by scanning for text matching “@username++” and “@username--” which would, respectively, award or take points from @username. PlusPlus is new but its predecessor has a long history at betaworks (which I detail in this post), and it’s become a huge part of our company culture (e.g. bringing home-baked goods is a sure way to get a lot of points). @gleuch and @lachhall from the PlusPlus team will be checking in throughout the day to chat about PlusPlus!
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@bthdonohue Thanks Brian. Hi Everyone! We’re super excited to share PlusPlus++ with everyone today. PlusPlus is a fun little Slack bot we built that allows you to plus, minus and keep score of all the good and not-so-good things your co-workers say and do on Slack. For example. Josh shares a GIF → Maya chuckles and rewards him with a point (@ Josh++ ) Josh adds Rick Astley to the office playlist → Allison deducts a point (@ Josh--) Josh now checks the office leaderboard to see where he ranks (@ plusplus leaderboard) But it’s not just for people, you can assign points to anything. Right now @ pizza++ is topping the charts across the network and @ gunlaws-- is at the bottom. As Brian mentioned, we’ve had various forms of PlusPlus++ running internally at betaworks for the past year. We decided to release a public version when we realized that we were still having fun with it after a year and many in the office were recommending it to others not knowing it was an internal hack. If others enjoy plussing and minussing things as much as we do, we’ll look to expand to other platforms. So we’d love if you could have a play with it and tell us what you think in the comments. We’ll be around to answer questions. Lach P.S @ProductHunt++ we’re big fans.
@lachhall @bthdonohue I TOTALLY JUST INSTALLED FOR MY TEAM..They're having LOADS OF FUN. NICE JOB!
@geekyyang @bthdonohue Great to hear Philip and thanks for the feedback! Can I ask, how did you find the install / onboarding? Make sense for you and team?
@lachhall @bthdonohue super easy! one click - installed - added the directions to general, and voila~ my teammates already started giving me negative points for fun LOL. Made super sense. We're already using it for tasks etc.
Been using this for a couple days now and love it. Great way for us to keep track of "props" for each person. Great job all!
@toddsaunders Thanks Todd!
Awesome stuff. @matthartman tweet ( made me think that you can grow plusplus to not only Slack, but make it work globally. Use twitter streams and scan the web for @mention++ and keep a global score of interwebz props. maybe for v2 ;)
@orarbel love it!
@orarbel That's the plan. A 'leaderboard for life'.
This is fun! Nice work @lachhall :) Got some strange maths going on though, if you add one to a user they have 1, minus 1 from that they have -1 and then add 1 to that they have 0.
@_jamesmundy Yikes. Looking into that. Thanks for the heads up!
@lachhall love it! Also as "bug" is the message to not use spaces after the name. If you start typing and you hit enter to select a team mate Slack automatically add the : and space. So you actually have to type the full name. No?
@mrdobelina @_jamesmundy No. You'll be able to use the Slack autocomplete and keep the space and colon. We are not sure whether we want to continue this however as unsure how often people use @person -- in regular conversation. We'll see. :) Thanks again!
@lachhall yea I see it works anyway with autocomplete, but I keep getting the alert in my Slackbot! It's fine btw =)
@mrdobelina @_jamesmundy Good point. On it!
Looks way fun.