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Chat easily with clients using power of live chat, email and team collaboration
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Hi, my name is Wiktor. It took more than 1 year, but I'm finally done building the minimum viable product for Plumm. I worked mostly nights and weekends. I coded the whole thing in Python and JS. This is my side project, but it is fully functional and stable product, which you can use right now. Product: Plumm is a single place where you can chat with your team members and support your customers. It can integrate your email inboxes (for now only GSuite) and provide livechat for your website. In the future I am planning to add more integrations, so it will become single place for all communication channels, for example it should integrate with facebook groups or twitter. Motivation: I've built Plumm, because I wanted to chat with customers and my team members in one place (one tool). Using separately livechat, email accounts and Slack was not perfect for my communication needs, because I needed to switch all these tools constantly. I'm excited to start talking to customers and see what they think about the product so far! But, also I would very like to get feedback from you indie hackers. What do you think? Cheers, Wiktor