Plume Air Report

Stay ahead of air pollution with this AI-powered app

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I got addicted to the app! Congratz!
@willybraun Thank you! Glad you're finding it useful. We're pretty addicted to breathing too.
Hi everyone, Romain here, maker of the Plume Air Report with @dlissmyr – thanks for the support! Our Air Report stems from the realization that while quantified-self apps now help us track and manage our activity, our sleep, our health and well-being, nothing help us know our exposure to our environment – which is actually the largest avoidable health risk (7 million deaths every year because of air pollution according to WHO...). To give everyone the tools to fend off pollution, we built an urban weather report (in 150 cities over 20 countries) that tells you when pollution will be high for a few hours or more in your city, and what you can do about it – timing your run, biking, activities with children – to take back control of your environment. We built a data platform that tracks live atmospheric measurements from 11,000+ sources around the world, and an AI that predicts hourly evolutions of pollutant levels in major US/EU cities so you can stay ahead of pollution – or forget about it when the air is fresh! You can read more on TechCrunch here: We try to make the air we breathe more transparent, and we hope you find it useful – would <3 <3 <3 some feedback from the community!
I've been using the iOS app for sometime and like it. I've got few quick questions though. How accurate/ real-time your data is? Especially in Asian countries where such pollution data is not easily available to the public. Also any plans to release an API for devs?
@binoyxj thanks for the kind words, we're glad you like it! We collect data from the most real-time sources available, and always from reliable organisms –e.g. scientific networks, environmental agencies, US embassies/consulates, etc.– to ensure their accuracy. For some cities we also build a predictive model to forecast hourly pollution levels for the next 24h – and in Paris, where we held our pilot, we found that our machine-learning approach reached more than double the accuracy of traditional forecast.
@rlacombe Any word on an API? :)
@binoyxj working on it! Feel free to touch base with ideas/requests, we're at team _at_
@binoyxj By the way, we ended up opening an API :) Hope you like it!
Hello Romain bravo ton app évolue bien !
@steveraffner thanks Steve for the kind words! Yes the app is getting better and better thanks to a ton of feedback from our users. If anyone would like our app open in a new city, feel free to vote here:!
@rlacombe you added Chamonix a few months ago, after our chat - I remember. When will you have your own stations ? I believe in crowd/independent testing more than official/state stations
@steveraffner thanks! Yes we try to be as reactive as possible. Air pollution is a concern for everyone!
Im trying to use this to find the dankest Air...
@99centbrains if you're looking for new places you can't find in the app, feel free to suggest some new locations at!