Plumbr Browser Agent

Never lose another customer due to poor website performance

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Hey Product Hunters! This is Priit from Plumbr. Our goal is to make everyone a performance superhero. With our new product Plumbr Browser Agent you can be sure that you’re not losing customers due to the performance of your application. Too many development teams solve issues based on emotional, often vague feedback from customers when they should be prioritizing tasks based on facts. Also, different users often get very different experience using the same services. Browser Agent is an automated tool, hence more objective and accurate than humans. With Plumbr you can prioritize and fix issues much faster. Plumbr Browser Agent: - Measures every user interaction with your web application - Works with any HTML/JS based web application regardless of the backend (.NET, PHP, Java, …) - Doesn’t require engineering knowledge so works well for product owners / top management as well as IT engineers - Collects data automatically and is invisible to end users - Offers real-time transparency with regard to user experience - Adds minimal performance overhead - Can be installed in mere minutes and does not require any configuration For Java applications, Plumbr Java agent ( uniquely also links user experience bottlenecks directly to the root causes in code, eliminating the need for manual troubleshooting. That speeds up fixing issues by approx. 75%. Happy to answer any questions. Thank you so much for your support!
Awesome, good luck guys!
Absolutely awesome product and idea. Going to use it definitely!
@juhankaarma indeed, go ahead and attach our Agents, it is going to require just a few minutes!
Hey quick question can it be installed into the Wordpress system ,thanks
@ayush_chandra Indeed you can. The installation boils down to copy&pasting one line of Javascript to the HEAD tag in the HTML page, so until you can do that you are all set. See more from
Good luck! Informed our dev team about this.
@markorussiver Thank you. Do check out the dashboard yourself. Might be good to know if there are any parts of the site that cause users to leave with a negative experience (and exactly how many users).