Microsoft's new notebook app

Small history lesson: Micrsoft Courier was tech demo from 2008 that envisioned their tablet product. The team left and became Fifty Three, creators of Paper.
They re going after paper. But for that they would have to release it also on iOS and Android.
Is it me or Microsoft has been making a steady powerful comeback? I haven't used any MS product in the past 4 years but I'm tempted to give it a try
@diogosnows I agree, that hinge-book...i mean surface-book is very cool. Now all m$ needs to do is get rid of the bloat and the corny marketing.
@eonpilot true, really like how the new laptop looks and agree with the marketing! Haha
@diogosnows Yes! I love Win 10, but the surface has a lot of room to improve. It's simply not as intuitive as your standard Android/iPad tablet, and it just feels bulky.
@diogosnows I was in a presentation at a previous employer which MS was pitching their big data platform and the azure platform. Going into it I thought I would mainly be laughing at them. His opening statements were: "I know what your thinking, Microsoft needs to quit developing. We took a long look in the mirror and have started embracing in an unprecedented way open source on every one of our products. We're shooting for being the new prom queen." Was actually a very cool thing to hear from them.
Was this really the best name they could come up with? Hope it changes in a future version.
IOS please. Paper needs some competition in this area.