Plum Print

We transform your kids' art into custom books.

Plum Print transforms those piles of your children's artwork into custom coffee table books! And the process is so simple for parents. Place a deposit, we send you an empty box, you drop artwork, schoolwork, sports trophies, etc into the box, we take care of the rest. We send you a digital proof to approve. Original materials returned upon request.

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This looks pretty great and solves a real problem. It stings getting rid of your kids' artwork, but it can be impractical to keep every piece. And keeping it usually means stuffing it in a folder that never sees the light of day. Properly photographing it yourself takes some skill and equipment most parents don't have. Okay, I've decided. This is a solid solution. Side note: if I were a customer, I'd pay a little extra to have the high-res image files as a backup, in case I ever lost the book.
@timwinfree Thank you for your thoughtful response. And our good news: You don't need to pay a little extra for the high-res image files as backup. We give those to all customers, free of charge, upon request!!
Perfect holiday gift for grandparents! Always 50% off duplicate copies of your Plum Print book!
Plum Print can also make books of family recipes, your child's sports trophies, and those boxes full of old newspaper clippings, family mementos and more...