Moneyball for hiring

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Allyson Downey
Allyson DowneyHunter@allysondowney · founder,
I'll never make another hire without screening through first.
Matt Gardner
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
I used this for my last couple co-op hires to sort through like 80+ resumes quickly. First try I didn't trust it so I did my normal process and used the plum results as further info. People they said were going to not be great totally ended up not being good once I met them in person. I used it to pick between my final 2 and our co-op is amazing! Try it out if you get a ton of applicants and don't have time for all the resumes.
Leena Thampan
Leena Thampan@leena_thampan · CMO, Wagepoint
Strongly recommend - trust me, if you are hiring any other way, you are making a mistake!
shrad@shradr · CEO, Wagepoint
Seriously awesome product - i say this as a user and a fan! - check out this blog post we wrote on them -
Jeremy Zykorie
Jeremy Zykorie@jeremyz123
Charles Barkley thinks this product is horrible. Analytics... moneyball... pshh! You just hire the best people, that's how you get to be the best... duh! In all seriousness.... cool product!