Moneyball for hiring

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I'll never make another hire without screening through first.
I used this for my last couple co-op hires to sort through like 80+ resumes quickly. First try I didn't trust it so I did my normal process and used the plum results as further info. People they said were going to not be great totally ended up not being good once I met them in person. I used it to pick between my final 2 and our co-op is amazing! Try it out if you get a ton of applicants and don't have time for all the resumes.
Strongly recommend - trust me, if you are hiring any other way, you are making a mistake!
Seriously awesome product - i say this as a user and a fan! - check out this blog post we wrote on them -
Charles Barkley thinks this product is horrible. Analytics... moneyball... pshh! You just hire the best people, that's how you get to be the best... duh! In all seriousness.... cool product!