Become the DJ in your own virtual nightclub

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Just came across this and it seems to do a pretty job in mimicking was was.
I was a big (RIP, wrote about it a while ago here) fan and occasionally reminisce late nights with my coworkers jamming to 90's hip hop. looks a lot different than when I first saw it a few years ago. It's really confusing. I just spent 5 minutes trying to find out how to create a room. I still haven't figured it out. I'm sure regular users don't have a problem navigating the site but I'm feeling overwhelmed.
@rrhoover Glad it's not only me that can't figure that out.
@TylerH @rrhover thanks for the comments. I hope the following clarifies the confusion. We're used to have the Create Community (i.e room) button as a prominent call to action on the lobby page, but what we found was that we would get 20,000 new rooms every week and many of them would have 0 media plays. Essentially, people were coming to the site and they didn't know what to do so they would create a new room. We'd rather have people join a room if they find one that suits their taste, and create a community as a secondary option. Therefore, we made it so that you can create a community, but you have to at least try out the experience in an existing room first. It's not a perfect solution, but has worked well for us thus far. - Alex
Wow they've come a long way. I tried Plug when it first launched. Turntable was still around, and there wasn't much activity on Plug at the time, so I never stuck around. It'll be interesting to see if they can succeed where Turntable failed. Pulling from Youtube and SoundCloud helps get around both the licensing ( and storage cost ( issues that Turntable faced. They'll still have to figure out how to balance the demand for attention though (, and from @rrhoover - Maybe that's what that API tab is for.
@fu7iin Thanks for the positive comments. We also place an enormous importance on community management and tools. For example, we've put a lot of mechanics in place so that people can effectively create, grow, and most importantly sustain their communities. Also, to your point on the API, we've found that some of the best and most creative features have come from people writing bots, which we ended up turning into site wide features. - Alex
been using this site for a long time - since went down. Their new launch last week was a little rough but site seems much more stable now.