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I honestly don't think the world can have enough colour palette tools... I suck with colours and these are great for helping non-designers like me make my projects a little less hideous. What I haven't seen, which would be cool, would be a colour palette generator that shows you context. So perhaps you'd have primary colour, accent colour, background colour, text colour, heading colour, etc. and it maps those out onto an example logo/card/website to show you what the colour scheme would look in a complete visual identity package
@rossdcurrie I agree, a web app that shows palettes in context of an example design would be great. Currently I use ColorSchemer Studio for this, but the feature is not customizable, and the results aren't easily shareable. https://www.colorschemer.com/osx...
@rossdcurrie Yea, I would need that so much. Somebody should build that....c'mon guys, anyone interested on a side project that will get on PH front page? :)
@colinjohnston @rossdcurrie In the next release I planned on including some example designs using the palettes. But since it is a lot of work curating the example designs it will take some time.
Super simple yet elegant site FULL of awesome color palettes!
@mutlu82 how did you stumble upon PLTTS?
@katesegrin Just a lazy Sunday looking around for colour inspiration when I found it, really like the selection!
This really helps us non designers when we need to match colors for a quick project. you can easily find something that will work for any project your doing here. Well done and well thougth out
Hey guys, Maker of PLTTS here. Thanks to @mutlu82 for posting this. Also posted this on DesignerNews: PLTTS is a side project that I build and maintain in my free time. Currently - because I am lacking on free time - I am not able to maintain PLTTS properly. As of this any people noted that the search doesn't work. Anyway, thanks again and I am glad to answer any questions.