The most simple neural network plotter

Quick tool to draw fully connected neural network architectures with simple API calls.

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Could you tell us more about why you built this product -- and the value in illustrating networks one is building? @hellorahulk
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@abadesi With all my practical experiences in Deep Learning space, I felt the pain of not having easy tools for visualizing the Neural network architectures. Creating a right kind of neural arc directly affects the business use cases and the problem statement one is trying to solve. So if we can quickly design and prototype the arch's then its win-win situations for decision making as well as for the faster delivery. Also, it can add values for the folks new in the domain and help them to learn and understand the concepts. 😄 Thanks
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Thanks for the project! It's really groundbreaking, I believe.
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@dmitry_rogov1 Thanks for the encouragement , I'll keep pushing and will come-up with more such tools in future.

I've been trying to do this for ages without success, this is awesome!


Super awesome idea!


Nothing I can think of`

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This is simple and hard not to love. @hellorahulk
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@elizabethhunker Thanks for the love 😃
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