Animate your static photographs in an intuitive way

#1 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2017


  • Resh WallajaCEO, Kachyng

    Seems really cool


    Very clunky onboarding/trial experience

    1. needs a username/email/pwd. A lot of hurdles to check out a product.

    2. It needs training. That's ok, if the training videos were easy to find and navigate. I had to find the link in the comments section of producthunt.

    3. The videos them selves are embedded. It would help if they were on youtube, so that they are easy to view and consume

    4. No trial option. I couldn't get overlays until i purchase or get followers.

    5. I have no problem with the pricing. But I want to test and lear before I buy something.

    6. It would help if they had disabled the save/share features until I buy (that's fair).

    Resh Wallaja has used this product for one day.


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Troy Plota
@troychristopherplota · Founder, CEO of Plotagraph
We are very excited to be featured on PH. Our Team worked really hard on getting the iOS version done and we are very pleased with the outcome. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of our Plotagraph products and how they interconnect.
QuantumCloud@quantumcloud · Founder of QuantumCloud
Wow, looking absolutely brilliant. Will wait for Android version :)
Himanshu Kriplani@himanshu_kriplani · Geek!
Isnt it available for android devices?
Troy Plota
@troychristopherplota · Founder, CEO of Plotagraph
@himanshu_kriplani We are still working on Android.
REV1S@nyjetlife · undisclosed
Fun app. I just can't figure out how to delete an anchor point.
Manuel@manuelauer · Law student, blogger.
@nyjetlife On iOS just tap the Delete Button and draw a circle around the point you'd like to delete.
Tudor Baidoc@baidoct · A Web & UI Designer
@nyjetlife Same here, but on Mac. I always restored my picture and started all over again.
Akansh Bhatt@aka_kuroshiro · content manager
@nyjetlife @baidoct there's a 'delete points' option right below animation and stabilisation point tabs.
Manuel@manuelauer · Law student, blogger.
I just love Plotagraph. It's something I've been using a lot recently. I can only recommend to give this a try.
Troy Plota
@troychristopherplota · Founder, CEO of Plotagraph
@manuelauer We are glad you like it Manuel. 😊
Enzo Giannone@enzo_gi · Project Manager - Digital Marketing
@manuelauer why is the resolution so blurry if i upload a photo?
Manuel@manuelauer · Law student, blogger.
@enzo_gi What resolution is your photo? Did you export it as full-sized MP4-video? Is it only blurry on Instagram or also in your Photos app? Maybe @troychristopherplota can give us some more insight on this.