Created your own 3D animated stories

Be a director of an animated video by choosing what your actors are saying, what the plot is going to be and you create your own actors, all that powered by Plotagon! Have some fun with your friends by animating you, your friends or somebody else, then put them into a situation of your decision and watch it in a 3D animated movie.

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Klas Holmlund
Head of Community, Plotagon
We may or may not be working on adding Trump hair at this very moment.
#6 Hunter. eSkateboards are my jam
You can make some pretty neat scenes with this. Even political settings
lepine kongRemote miniapps with local data !
I just discovered Plogaton and I love it so much that I decided to open a youtube channel for the first time in my life (search for "Agile Conversations")
It's really easy to use : no need to learn 3D modeling, you just write your script and done ! What I wish as improvements: - be able to import/export the script in a format like markdown to be more productive - be able to have more than 2 actors, for example in the conference room, it's weird to have only 2 people.