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Eric Seufert
Editor, Mobile Dev Memo
This is a really, really slick looking tool. Few thoughts: - the process of uploading a data set and creating a graph from it is very simple, but it took me a bit to find the upload button. I think it should be labeled with "Upload". - I couldn't figure out how to change the font of the axis labels - I don't think the user should be able to zoom out beyond the visible graph. I did this a few times inadvertently on my macbook's trackpad - I played around with "Range Type" and lost the graph, and switching back to the original setting didn't restore it - Descriptive statistics tool is cool. I wonder if it wouldn't be more useful to somehow display this automatically when I mouse over the column of an independent variable. - One thing that I think makes tools like this super useful is that they're persistent and easily linkable (eg. I do some transformation to the data, graph it, and without having to press anything, I can share the link in my URL bar with someone else for them to see the same thing). Nice work! I'll be following the progress of this.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
@eric_seufert's my go-to guy for thoughts on analytics tools like this.
Dominik CygalskiSoftware engineer

Incredible how well documented and easy to use it is. Integrates nicely between api and web interface.


Easy to integrate, vector graphics, 3d scatterplot


Handle big data sets