Plot for Movies

Discover, plan, and share the movies you watch.

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To expand on the updates @de mentioned: • Find your friends - • Reviews - • Comments - And lots more planned 👍
@benhowdle Oh wow, this is going to be great! Can't wait to see the updated version :)
If anyone wants to give it a go, we've got 3 promo codes for Product Hunt users, go nuts: HMJL9EWAK4MF FTE46PTRLTPJ 9YXWNMXLEA3J
I've been using Letterboxd ( for a while now and I'd be concerned about the switching cost. Or do you even want people to record what they've already seen?
@Lumilux that part is totally up to you. You can either use Plot like you'd use Instagram and only post new movies you watch or you could use it like you'd use Flickr and use it for personal archiving of movies seen. We've also got "import" tool on the roadmap for making switching a lot easier!
@Lumilux also, as an aside, Letterboxd is a fantastic service and we probably wouldn't have felt compelled to create Plot if they'd have had a native app presence.
This will only be fun if you have lots of friends or at least a few close friends on the platform! Also, I'd suggest a freemium model...
@tzhongg Very true, however, some people may just want to use it for personal tracking purposes.
@benhowdle Indeed but I'm always worried startups will eventually get acquired or shut down and all our data will be lost or transferred to another place. That's mainly why I use Quip/Google Docs/Logsit to jot down movies I recently watched + a few notes!
@tzhongg again, very true, but that's why we've decided to charge a reasonable price for the app itself so we can carry on developing it. Also looking at import/export tools so you're data can be accessed at will.
Love the simplicity of this app, looking forward to the new features they are working on. Especially being able to find your Twitter friends.