Collaborate with your design team in a new way

Plot is a plugin for Sketch that makes it easy to share work with your team. Sign up your team, install the Sketch plugin, and start posting to your story.

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Nice work, @jsngr. The landing page could be more clear, imho. It wasn't obvious to me what the product does. Perhaps a video or GIF illustrating the product would help.
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@rrhoover Updated the copy to try to help this! Thanks for the feedback
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@rrhoover @jsngr +1 about a GIF 🙏
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Hi there! Plot is a design tool for teams that I built as an experiment in bringing a new medium for sharing to the design process. Plot is a Sketch plugin, Mac app, and web app, and it lets you post your designs right from Sketch to Plot to be viewed as stories. Posts disappear after 24 hours, and your team can get notified in-browser or with the Mac app when new ones are posted. It's a new take on sharing designs with your team.
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@jsngr has the best name! And is pretty good at building things too :) Great job
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Yet another @jsngr masterpiece. Meticulous design my friend, very clean and easy to use. Didn't know how much I needed this app until I tried it. Great work!
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Please allow pasting in the password field. It was brutal typing in there.
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@mattdavey This is for the Mac app I presume? Good catch, thanks