In-product feedback, from your users

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Cool idea – the times I've used user testing videos it's been hard to get good results given how uninvested the users tend to be. Are you using WebRTC for the screen recording? If so, how stable is that API, last I checked only Chrome supported it thoroughly?
@ramatevish Yes! We've found the same problems with UserTesting videos. We are using WebRTC for capturing the audio (in the popup) for the screen recording. It's currently supported in Chrome, Firefox and Opera on desktop as well as Chrome for Android and Android Browser. So that's 74% of the desktop browser market currently and since support is planned in Microsoft Edge it should get up above 90% soon. Apple is the main hold-out.
Very good idea. We've made a few sessions with Usertesting lately, which have brought a lot of insights for us. Here I really like the idea of getting our own users involved in the feedback process.
@thibautdavoult Yeah, we've also found Usertesting videos to be valuable in the past. The main problem with them was the the testers aren't your actual users and are only there for the $10 they're getting. They can certainly give good feedback on initial homepage impressions, etc, but your actual users often provide deeper insights. We're also thinking about an option to offer your users a $15 amazon gift voucher if they do a longer feedback session (like UT) with multiple questions. Might as well give $15 directly to a user than $50 to
does this work with mobiles?
@fictionaljt Hi JJ, currently only the emoji based feedback is supported on mobile. However, we'll be adding full video recording feedback for Android very soon.
Freakin love this
Get in-product video feedback, from your users. With Plot your visitors can share their screen and record feedback videos directly within your website. This allows you to find out where and why users need improvements in your product before they leave. We built Plot as we realized how valuable feedback was when talking to users face-to-face. Plot allows you to capture the same high quality feedback from your users automatically. We'd like to hear feedback on the features you'd like to see next? PS- Product Hunters get 50% off any plan for one year with the code "HUNTED"
@mrpatrickrogers I can see a many different use cases for this tool! Any suggestions on how to encourage camera-shy consumers to participate in video feedback sessions? I've struggled with recruiting in the past.
@kkdub Yes, we found when to be just as important as what you are asking from your users. Currently, you can make Plot ask a question on a particular page or part of a page. We are adding more of these options soon like action based triggers, gestures, and more. We are always open to feedback :)
@mrpatrickrogers Smart. The web app market seems saturated with NPS pop-ups right now (granted, I test & provide feedback on a lot of those each week as one of my consulting services - my view might not be representative). One could actually test some hypotheses with Plot. It's fairly easy for me to identify what look to be friction points in an application's set-up or user process, but sometimes fixing those things will require major UI overhaul. I want more data before it makes sense to recommend undertaking that sort of work. Usertesting type experiences _sort of_ work, because you can watch and listening to general behavior and write use cases that push a subject through the specific scenario. But being able to pop a question and capture video reactions with more immediacy would be amazing. And of course doing that on mobile...well...hello light being shined into a black hole.
@kkdub I agree. Building smart product feedback into crucial moments in the user's experience is what Plot is all about.Being able to get quick feedback on a mobile site or app is difficult now. Combining users feedback from multiple platforms across their experience is even harder. Once we launch mobile, Plot will allow companies to collect feedback across all user platforms and quickly gain product insight.