A casual corporate game to get to know your coworkers better

Plop is a casual corporate game to get to know your coworkers better. It takes place entirely within Slack and basically boils down to being able to recognize as many profile pictures (of your coworkers) as possible in 30 seconds.

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Haven't seen anything like this before. Very creative and fun!
While at university we used to have this game called "Trombi Contest" – the idea was to prove other students that you knew their first and last names just by looking at their profile pictures. Fast-forward many (many 😭) years, we thought it would be cool to have the same thing for companies. That's why we've built Plop. Hope you’ll have fun with it and learn a few names along the way ✌️


Good idea! This kind of apps help companies to improve the internal communications, the relationship between collages.



Great bot! It would be awesome to have a per channel quizz (when you have hundreds of employees in a company), it becomes really hard!
@youpinadi Thanks! Indeed it can get quite hard for big companies, good point 👍

very easy to use


great app