Helps kids learn to code through physical play.



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This is great!
I started Plobot over a year ago, with @Camilo as a toy designer. It feels it has been ages because we did so many changes and iterations till it felt just right. I am thrilled to know it's going to be at Kickstarter next week!
Camilo Parra PalacioHunter@cparrapa · Toy maker & industrial designer
@todocono You mean Camilo me as @cparrapa :P, well it was practically 2 years hahaha good luck in the Kickstarter campaign would be cool to see more details about how it work each card and that actually you can draw with @plobot :D
and now we are live at
oooohhh.... We are live at kickstarter at and we just got selected by them as *projects we love*. Of course we would love to have more coverage. We could arrange some exclusive video or HD pics for you if you think it is something interesting.