Crowdsourced LEGO sets

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Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt
Pleygo, a LEGO renting service, just announced $10M in funding yesterday. Here's a-Mariooo! Pleyworld is similar to LEGO's own LEGO Ideas (a Kickstarter for LEGO sets) and BrickLink (marketplace to buy and sell LEGOs).
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Cat NooneCEO & Designer, Stark
I’m dying to get my hands on some Pixar movie lego sets. Now my chances have increased! Only thing I wish is that I didn't have to sign up to vote on it. I can understand if I was providing money like on Kickstarter but since it's just (essentially) an upvote, I'd love to just provide that quick feedback to let the platform know "I love this" or "I'm interested". At the same time, I of course see why they *want* people signing up.
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Joshua Ooi
I wonder how many more custom unique Lego designs will appear now that the number of votes needed is only 5,000 as opposed to 10,000. Anyone have designs for a Tesla Tower? I'd buy one of those in a heartbeat!
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Benjamin HoffmanSoftware Engineer
For those that have been following Pley, this is the natural progression of their current product.... thousands of kids enjoy building Lego sets each month and many of them started creating designs of their own. Pley even has adult hobbyists who've built unimaginable sets. It's great to see that now the community can enjoy the same creations as the pros! Congrats to Ranan & the whole Pley team!!
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Joe DandachliCEO, Dandachli, LLC
This is genius.
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