Navigate your spaceship through the abyss

The fate of humanity lies in your hands in search of a renewable energy source. Try to stay alive and avoid obstacles by tapping to ascend and releasing to descend. Avoid asteroids and floating skyscrapers at all costs.
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I've combined my favourite passions including design, interaction, branding, coding, animation, gaming, video & music production to produce this hyper-casual game just for fun. The aim of the game is really simple, just try to stay alive for as long as you can.
Nice game, it really shows that you put in proper effort to make it look nice! With which engine did you build it? Regarding Gameplay: What I found a bit difficult was to distinguish between some of the background items and the skyscrapers at the bottom. E.g. some planets in the background look as if the are in the foreground and need to be evaded.
@michael_frohlich Thanks Michael! I used SpriteKit in Xcode to build the game. The graphics were created in Sketch. Appreciate the feedback! I'll release an update to make the planets appear less prominent. Thanks again for trying it out 🚀