A small music player with a number of unique features

Plexamp is a small music player for your desktop, with unique features

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To clarify: You need an existing Plex Media Server setup and a music library (MP3s, etc.) downloaded to your server.
This is beautiful. Does it support Spotify? Where does it get the music?
@nickabouzeid I believe you need local music on your Plex Media server to access the music remotely
Neat idea, but this is a long way from being as simple as Winamp.
I downloaded it and it says it can't find music servers - not sure about music source.
Update : So I also have to download a plex media server. Looks great but too much stuff to download
@paraj_mathur Plex Media servers hold various items: movies, tv shows, music, photos, etc. However this app is for servers that have music stored on their servers to playback elsewhere.

I've been using this for about a month now, and I just can't deal with it anymore. Back to that clunky old Winamp I go!

The idea of playing music from plex is great, but the interface is just so unintuitive. I'm stuck right now playing an album and can't for the life of me figure out how to get back to the playlist selection. This is a desktop application, the focus should not be on minamlism! And if it was, where's my "minimise to system tray" option? Why does it always have to be open?

Also, genre-based playlists would be great. At the moment all I can really do is play an album, or use their "Entire Library" and "Time Travel" built-in playlists... Ideally it would generate some spotify-like playlists for me.


It plays from Plex


Horrible Interface, makes it almost impossible to use