Plex for Apple TV

Plex Media Center, now on the new Apple TV

#1 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2015
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Plex just moved from AppleTV killer to AppleTV seller. I may just give AppleTV a try now.
it s good but could be great. access to subtitles is a little clunky and could be brought from the main play menu - also unlike the samsung tv app - no way to set up subtitles size or colour. finally wish Siri search would work with it
Wasn't this released a few weeks ago? Or is this the actual server?
This might make me finally buy an Apple TV. No Plex (or halfass Plex) had been the main thing keeping me off the platform. Oh and Amazon Video. Did they get that one yet?
@clarklab Amazon video will launch on Apple TV in a few weeks. Source
Well now I can upgrade my old 720p aTV gen 2. Thank you apple for finally opening an App Store