Plex for Alexa

Run your home theater or play your favorite playlists

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When you watch an Alexa demo video that triggers your own Alexa.
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@tomcharde hahahaha SO much Worst was when I was listening on Echo a news article about Alexa and they kept saying it and asking questions and it was all a right mess
It's cumbersome to use and it managed to stop my movie halfway through and start something else because I asked it to pause the movie. While it's doing things like that I'll not be using it, I hope they can refine the experience.
Cool if accurate. remotes will soon be gone
little update: this is not as great as i thought: the set up is a little cumbersome and i expected to be able to play plex music on echo. but no, if you can only trigger plex on an existing device running plex. It asks something confusing about a companion player (which i did not understand, even in the alexa app). i think plex has some work to do here...
Interesting, but also seems problematic. Voice control for things is useful, but across the 4 Echos that I own I can say that the rate of error is still quite high, and the interactions are still very awkward.
.... not to mention that it seems it doesn't connect to Netflix or Amazon streaming video. Who owns actual shows and movies anymore?
@amohseni lot's of us own our media, really not that uncommon. Especially those on r/datahoarder