Plex Cloud

Cloud base media player like Netflix without a server

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Integrating with external cloud storage providers is a great take on this.
Plex just launched their Plex Cloud service yesterday (not to confuse this with Cloud Sync). This is a revolutionary cloud base media player service. You now can access your entire digital movie and music library with a Netflix style media player linked to your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive). No need to have a private NAS server running 24/7 at your home saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars. The UX/UI for Plex is beautiful. Plex pulls all of the movie, album artwork and metadata into your media so you don't have to do this tedious task yourself. Plex Cloud is integrated with the existing platform. You will look like a superstar entertaining at your home or on location. Plex has a ton of apps so it will sync with all of your devices: iPhone, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iPad, Kindle, etc.