Plex 4.0 for iOS

All your movies, TV shows, music, and photos at your fingers

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1 Review5.0/5
Most useful addition to me is the Rotten Tomatoes one.
Plex is what Movies & TV will look like in 3-5 years. Congrats on the update. It's got a few rough edges, but I like the direction. PS - Barkley was missing from the latest blog post. What gives?
I love Plex and have been using it for years. The new design looks great! Does this require a server update, too?
@fbara unfortunately yes. i use plex on Synology and the version required is not yet available (which sucks). and the guys at Plex did not take the time to put it in the notes at first (now it is)
I've been using Plex for ages. Good to see the app has gotten a refresh. Such a handy tool.
Plex is a game changer. As a digital asset management (DAM) nerd, this is what I've been looking for on the non-enterprise level. Slick and user friendly UI/UX, easy to set up and streams to all of my devices like a charm.