Pleo is a company payment card that does your expense reports and simplifies company spending.

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Hi hunters, We are very excited to be here, thanks for hunting us @__tosh. Company spending, sharing of credit cards and constantly chasing that missing receipt. Its such a mess, right? Pleo was built out of our frustration of dealing with these issues daily. Everyone hates the complexity around expense reports, no matter if you’re an employee or a CFO. We believe things like expense reports, reimbursements, sharing of credit cards around the office and petty cash are broken processes that just create friction and more work for everyone. Buying things has gotten so much easier with so much innovation happening in the consumer space, but in the business world, most companies are still left handling everything with paper, forms and spreadsheets. Since our launch, we’ve seen hundreds of companies from all sorts of different verticals, from freelancers to big companies, using it and helping us make a perfect business spending solution for business people. We are currently live in the UK and Denmark, soon expanding to the rest of EU! Looking forward to hearing your feedback and the questions you might have!
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@jepperindom @__tosh I had been following this project on dribbble for the last few months. Top work to all involved!
I recommended Pleo to our CFO back in December, we implemented it in January 💪🏽 And now I think that she's secretly in love with me 😝 Amazing product guys - I wish I had a stake in it 👌🏽
@kwadwoadu Amazing to hear Kwadwo. I am also quite in love with what you're doing at Space10. Thank you for supporting us over the past months!
Pleo looks very nice. At Dataiku, we are using a very similar solution but available yet in more countries: Easy payments and approval process, less paperworks, better tracking... It really helped our startup to scale!
@jeremy_gr Thank you for the compliments Jérémy! If you like Spendesk, I bet you will love Pleo. With Pleo you don't have to prepay each card and our pricing is quite compelling in comparison. France to come soon :-)
Pleo is a way for companies to issue company cards to employees, set individual limits to control the budgets and see all the spending as it happens in real-time. It instantly reminds employees to take care of their receipts with the mobile app and links everything to the accounting software, so bookkeeping is done instantly for managers. This finally means no more annoying expense reports for employees. I first discovered Pleo last year when they won Pioneers festival in my home town Vienna. Since then they’ve progressed tremendously fast and built a base of hundreds of happy customers while in private beta.
The way expenses are captured in most companies at the moment is incredibly time-consuming. It's great to see such a nice looking mobile experience and the automatic categorization of purchases. Also love the fact that you only pay for employees that have used their card at least once that month. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
@anthilemoon yeah, thats what we think too! with today's payment technology and a nice software layer on top, there is much we've managed to automate. Pleo is for the entire team and our pricing is designed so companies don't have to think hard about onboarding employees that are not so frequently using the service.