PlentyPlan Car Value

Car value estimate in one simple step

Find a estimate of a car's value just by typing the year, make and model. No need to click through a half dozen steps and view a new ad on each page. Values appear almost instantly.
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Hey guys - this is my first Product Hunt launch. I was working on building out a personal finance tool, and cars often play a big role in personal finance because they are the largest depreciating asset that most people buy. Most car valuation tools feel like a listicle whose sole goal is to get you to slowly click through a half dozen steps to view the maximum number of ads before finally showing you the value of the car. So, I gathered listing data on tens of thousands of cars, wrote some formulas and a little code, and came up with this. Just type the car year, make and model into the search box, which does Google-style search-ahead, click the best match car, and your car value appears nearly instantly. I'm happy to hear any enhancement suggestions to deal with the frustrations you've had with car valuation tools. Thanks!