Personal assistant robot that fits in the palm of your hand

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"PLEN Cube is a portable robot that can consolidate your devices and web services, making them simpler to use and automate; capture moments with a smart camera that tracks your face and motions; and complement your life with hands-free activation and customization options."
Doesn't say a lot about how intelligent the device will be? Almost seems more like a vanity assistant than a full blown digital assistant. Still a lot of intriguing ideas though, if they could drive the cost down I could see people liking the selfie capabilities a lot.
Looks interesting. Not quite in the palm of your hand but first version form factor ok. It's a bit of an Amazon Echo with camera. Battery life also key if so Mobile. Key 2-3 features and interface will be key to early adoption.
It's a cool idea, but I feel like without 24 hours of battery life, 1080 60fps video, 2k photos, and app connection, it will not catch on.

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it's a personal robot that respond to your command and you can carry around like a pet


no cons