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Hassan Abdulhamid
Hassan Abdulhamid@uxdzen · No headline
Great product but how will you save yourself from the problem @stipple faced that made them shutdown even though they raised tons of $$$. Oh and is also there as well .. Good luck
Tom Frazier
Tom Frazier@tomfrazier
@uxdzen stipple was great… ahead of their time even. I still don't think we've seen eCommerce hit its major growth phase.
Michael Riddering
Michael Riddering@ridderingand_ · 🎨 Product Designer
Hasn't this been around a while? The product tagging is unique I'll give it that! If I were a fashion blogger though I would rather include RewardStyle links in my post instead of going through he work to map out the products in my picture. The Pinterest application was definitely interesting though.
Nikhil Kejriwal
Nikhil Kejriwal@nikhil_kejriwal
I think this requires a lot of effort for an end consumer. Ideally the image picked should show up all the product option within the image and let the user directly make a purchase. Hope you are planning to get there eventually.