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Crushing COVID with stimulus checks & social shares

We asked our fellow Americans if they would donate part of their stimulus checks to help people know impacted by COVID. In a few days, people pledged to donate $101,463 and counting. Want to help us get to $1,000,000 from all 50 states? #spreadgoodnotgerms
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👋Hello there Product Hunt! Kevin here, from our 100% volunteer squad. We put this site up in a weekend and it has blown up far more than we ever thought it would. Here's the backstory: Hundreds of millions of Americans are getting $1,200 stimulus checks to fight COVID-19. For some of us, that $1,200 will go towards groceries and’s “keep the lights on” money. For others, COVID has us working from home. And while we might be going a little crazy & really need a haircut, we’re not counting the days until our savings run out. For many of us in that second boat, we're sending our stimulus checks to someone we know whose life has been turned upside down by COVID. Have a friend who was laid off? Help pay their mortgage 🏠 Worried about your favorite restaurant? Leave a $1,200 tip 💸 Hungry to help? $1,200 = 1,200 meals through Feeding America 🧇 New amazing stories come in each day. Disclaimers: - If you need your stimulus — keep it! You can still help by sharing the story. - If you don't need your stimulus — we're not trying to guilt you into donating. It's your $$$. - If you didn't get a stimulus — we don't want to exclude you. You can still donate :-) - And lastly, we're not collecting or distributing funds through our site. People give directly to folks they know or organizations they trust. This way, all the money gets where people want it to go. Want to help? 1. Share the pledge if you like the idea! 2. Take the pledge if you want! 3. Share us with influencers you know! >> 👉 #spreadgenerositynotgerms
@supergalactickevin Hi Kevin. Congratulations on the product launch. I am creating a resource material for founders & entrepreneurs where I am interviewing different entrepreneurs and makers on their product launches. This will be read by upcoming founders who are planning to launch their product and this also will add an additional stream of awareness for your product as well. I was wondering if you would like to share your experience as well. Here is the link
Congrats! Very cool idea, and needed!