Pledge Bot Against Covid-19

Pledge to observe social distance and fight Covid-19

The pledge bot helps you generate a pledge card to observe social distancing and fight Covid-19. We believe that by taking the pledge, we can all see through the responsibility to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Takes less than a minute to pledge.
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The pledge bot was designed to help generate a pledge card to observe social distancing and fight the spread of Covid-19. The idea came after I received so many emails on Covid-19 updates and I posted about this on LinkedIn. A couple of other connections noticed the same thing. There was lots of updates coming in. The trigger came on learning international flights weren't grounded at the time and more of the new cases were from Covid-19 carriers who had been allowed to travel, and as a result, they had spread the disease. So I reasoned, how can I help people actually practice social distancing. Everybody was saying it but few people were doing it. From understanding that people would change a behavior or follow a cause by included in the story, I realized I needed a way to make people commit in public to observe social distancing. The chatbot seemed like the best delivery channel to carry this out. It would be conversational, easy to pledge and have something they can carry to remind them of the pledge. In future editions, I would add functionality for the chatbot to update users on Covid-19. I am torn between sharing strictly good news (recovery numbers, possible cures, etc) or just sharing news in general. Please take the pledge, generate your card and share on as many mediums as possible. Together, we can increase the emphasis to stay at home and flatten the curve.
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