Please Remind Me

A simple way to create reminders for when you need it.

A simple way to create reminders for when you need it, sent and your friends via email. Telegram, SMS and WhatsApp reminders coming soon!

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Hey hunters 👋! Launch Special 10% discount. Use coupon code producthunt on checkout. This is my first real product on PH and I'm super excited to show you what I built over the last 2 weeks. This is basically me scratching my own itch. The Problem I’m generally quite bad at remembering things. And personally, just setting an iPhone reminder isn’t effective at all. I tend to kill the reminder and then forget about it again seconds later. Or I tend to factory reset my phone quite often so the reminder goes with that. I really need either an email reminder on the day I need to be reminded and a way to remind other people close to me of the same thing. I can’t rely on myself to remember. I really need teamwork vibes. The Solution A simple and easy to use reminder management system that allows you to automate reminder emails to yourself and whoever else you want to be reminded. You simply create a new reminder, write what you want to be reminded about, set a date when you would like to be reminded and it will automatically send on that day. So now, if I set a reminder and include my brother’s email addresses we will not forget Mothers Day next year. Simple example, but this is intended to be used with even more important things that you don’t think about everyday, like being reminded before your passport expires, car license, bills that needs to be paid in time, etc. The Future Telegram, WhatsApp and SMS reminders are coming soon. Cheers and I'm happy to answer any questions!
I face this problem as well. I couldn't try this product though since there are no free trials, would really love if you include a week or month of free trials. I would also want this one to integrate with my outlook calendar or google Calendar. I'd also love to see the chat platform version of this to come out. Wondering if this'll be a bot interacting with us on these chat apps? Also, $8 per month seems to be a bit on the pricier side🤕 for a personal product. A person wouldn't mind a dollar a month for something like this. I'd suggest you to add support for bots on chat apps and calendar integration and sell it upscale to enterprises.
@siddharth_mungekar1 I've given the pricing a lot of thought. I've set a price which would allow me to continuously improve the product without having to shut down and having my customers / users lose their reminders, which is bound to happen on a free product that's got expenses, such as server costs, email costs and development time. Hope this puts pricing into perspective.
@ronald could it at least get slashed by $3. $5 seems like a good price to pay. Also, if you're going to sell it upscale to enterprises, $8 a month seems like a low price to pay. Are you trying to adopt a Trellolike business where you first sell to users for personal use, and then a majority of users after using it convince the organization to adopt it company wide?
Congrats on the launch @ronald!
Congrats on launch @ronald, I think its a cool idea but maybe have 3 for free or something? I would like to try it but I think to pay for something right out the gate is limiting. Zapier have a good model to follow. Also integration with Google Calender would be a great addition. PS. I saw you are in CM, i was there a week ago. Great place to launch products. I wish you many more!!
@mattgdavison I do offer a demo (link on the navbar) and am yet to implement the more limited 'free' tier. :) I much appreciate the feedback. Have a good week. Pity I didn't see you in CM, would've been good to grab a beer or something. Regards.
Hi, having at least google/apple calendars and reminders (guess these products cover lots of people) with all your contacts synced and getting email reminders from your events, why someone should register and pay for another service, manually add contacts and so on? I'm not talking about other free apps with better functionality. If you factory reset your phone, why don't you sync your reminders with icloud or make any backup? SMS in roadmap: do many people still use them in 2018? Telegram reminders? But Telegram has lots of free 'reminder' bots (some with web dashboard even). I don't see sorting and search in your app, just a plain list (at least on your landing's screenshots). Paid plan is still limited: although 2000 events, but why limit? :) I pay 4$ for Deezer (for example) for the whole familty. Don't get your pricing and the whole product honestly. But good luck.