A better way to create collaborative Spotify playlists 🙌

PlayVi is a progressive web app built on top of Spotify API in order to simplify the process of creating public playlists and collaborating on them with ease.
For further details, you can visit the repository page.
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Hey people! We have developed PlayVi to be used in settings where people might want to decide on the songs to be played during the event. Anyone with a party pin including those who doesn't have a Spotify account can contribute to a playlist created through PlayVi. And, you don't need to authenticate with your Spotify account to start a party. However, a Spotify account is required to play the playlist eventually. It is built to look and work better on mobile devices, but you can use it with a browser virtually on any device. Basic usage as follows: - Start a party. - Share the party pin & app link with people before the actual party. - Wait for people to add songs. - When the party day comes, click the playlist name to open & play it in Spotify. 🎉
Hi, will definitely try it :) ?makers: What is the advantage over the services such as
@bauernfeind Hey Florian, I actually haven't seen Festify before, thanks for sharing. As far as I've checked, the main difference is that with PlayVi, neither the one creating a party nor those contributing have to authenticate with their Spotify accounts. So, it's just a matter of choosing a nickname and hitting the create button to start a playlist and get a pin to share. On top of that, we tried to keep the interaction as simple as possible as the whole point of this app is just adding the songs which you want to be played and not spending too much extra time on the app.
@dbilgili thanks for the information! Will try it at our next party ;)