Create your own addictive games in seconds on your iPhone

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Making games with Playr is easy. Just insert your own photos, or draw some sprites, and make the game your own. Sound effects can be recorded or inserted, and when the game is done, it can be shared with anyone on a network of games inside the app. Let me know if you have any feedback!
This reminds me of GameSalad, a platform to enable anyone to create their own games (founded by @michaelagustin) but built for mobile. Why'd you build this, @chrisgalz?
@michaelagustin @rrhoover I created Playr to allow users to build games easily without any prior knoledge of how games are made or programming experience. This app especially targets younger audiences like teenagers and children who may be interested in games, but they may not have the opportunity or patience to learn a game framework.