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Streaming video recorder for iOS. Recordings never expire.

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Fortunately, Netflix has this built-in now with offline viewing. Is this legal, @skip721?
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@rrhoover @skip721 I would surmise that, no, it probably isn't 100% legal. The real problem, though, is that tech has created this gray area where legal and illegal blur to some extent. The same is very true with music, particularly because artists have a different end-game than the major corporations (in that respect, major labels) who may hold certain distribution rights. But that's a different conversation. Here, because TV and movies are inherently different than music, the potential illegality and strategy must be considered differently (or at least taken with a truckload of salt). As with music, I see potential paths to get around this without encountering (too much) legal action, but it would require doing the legwork to appeal directly to the creators of the shows and/or whoever holds the creative rights. It's an independent play, and that's how it should be strategized.
@rrhoover @skip721 I appreciate the question. Yes, PlayOn Cloud is absolutely legal. It falls under the same consumer fair use as a traditional DVR (and the VCR before that). Our desktop software (PlayOn Desktop) has been around for many years and we added DVR features to that back in 2011. Also, in regards to Netflix and their built in download feature...not all titles are available to download (thousands of titles aren't), and it's only available in the mobile app. With PlayOn, you can record any title and then download to watch on any device. You're not limited to your phone or tablet. Also, each month titles expire from Netflix. Using PlayOn, you can record those titles before they expire to watch offline at a time of your choosing. Once you've downloaded a PlayOn recording, it doesn't expire.
@rrhoover @skip721 My experience with the TV business makes me say that this is 100% illegal :)
@rberrehili @rrhoover @skip721 We can assure you that PlayOn Cloud is's no different than a traditional DVR. As a consumer, you're allowed to record content you have legal access to.
@skips721 @rrhoover @skip721 No you can't, because the rights for the contents are negociated considering the territory you're watching them in. So let's say I download a movie in the US which has been negotiated for 0.10cts per view and I watch it in France, territory in which the deal is about 0.15cts per view, the rights bearers lose 5cts per each view.
Record your favorite shows and automatically download them to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch! Once your recording is downloaded you can watch it anytime and anywhere! Sweeet!
Hi all - We hope you dig PlayOn Cloud. We built PlayOn Cloud with versatility in mind - a way for people to record their favorite online streaming content to watch offline without the need for a PC. Every new account includes 5 free recordings. AND, unlike Netflix's native download feature, PlayOn allows you to record any Netflix title, you're not limited to watching on a mobile device....and recordings don't expire!
indeed netflix does not allow to download a huge part of the catalog. but one problem the display of the font and pics are really small ...please change that really unusable right now
@ourielohayon - thanks for the feedback. Can you elaborate a bit? Do you mean as you're browsing the various channels in PlayOn (drilling down through the lists of videos)?
@skips721 any thing in your app is way too small. menu buttons/text/catalogs/jackets. you need really a good eye. it should match the same proportion as netflix
@ourielohayon Thanks! We have some UI changes planned and already in the works.
I have a feeling this is one of those awesome apps that apple will pull from the app store. Downloading now...
@jxslepton We're confident that won't happen :) We had to go through the same submission and review process as any other app.
@skips721 any plans for an Apple TV app? Slowly cutting the cord and sounds like this would be a good solution for dvr functionality on the Apple tv
@jxslepton Yes, absolutely - we're working on it. In the meantime, you can also download recordings to your PC/Mac (we send a notification email when recordings are complete which include a download link). Once there, you should be able to stream to your Apple TV.
@jxslepton @skips721 PlayOn Cloud works great with AirPlay, so if you have an iPhone/iPad and an Apple TV you should be in business. For now, the phone does have to stay on the same WiFi network when you're using AirPlay.