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Co-founder @eVect
Hello all! 😻 Last week my friend Max and I were discussing music on Apple Music (AM). We're both AM users, and share certain songs to one another through the iMessage widget. But we wanted to find more and better playlists. Not just the ones curated by Apple, but the ones by other users. There are probably lots of users out there with a great taste (and playlist) for all kinds of different music genres. During our talk we came to the conclusion that A) this doesn't exists in a proper manner on AM and B) we wanted to do something about it. Hence! Its awesome to be on PH today, and we hope lots of people drop by to share their favourite playlists. We would really like to have this site as a go-to-place to find a great playlist every day. You can search through the submitted playlists based on genre, author or text search. If you like a playlist, its possible to heart it so other users will easier pick it up. And to make the submitting of playlists a little more rewarding, we've created a ranking system based on author name. Who creates the best playlists πŸ… Any feedback is more than welcome! And thanks Bram for hunting!
Thanks for your work. Usually I listen to music on such playlists, but as a rule the choice is random. I know that there are more famous tunes that hit the chart regularly - Thank you for giving the opportunity to choose. Sometimes it is necessary and important) Can I write an additional review here after I use the application for several days?